Tire Dressings

Moonshine – is our best tire dressing that is ready for use.

Moonshine Concentrate – is our best tire dressing and can be diluted down to a 3 to 1 ratio.

Purple Shine – is a great tire dressing or interior dressing that can be diluted out while still leaving a great shine.

Spray Wax – is formulated to leave your truck and vehicles looking great and full of shine. With a dilution of up to 600 to 1 it is a very cost effective product.

Raw Chemicals

Xylene – used in the concrete industry

Muriatic Acid – used for cleaning concrete

De Icer – easy to mix and you can buy it in liquid or dry form

Hydrogen Peroxide – used in water purification and many other uses

Isopropyl Alcohol/ Rubbing Alcohol

Hypochlorite Bleach – surface cleaning

And many, many more available