Fast Brite – our price entry level acid. It is a Brightener formulated with hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid mixed with surfactants and butyl. 40 to 60 to 1 on surface.

Typhoon – our second strength acid. Brightener formulated with hydrofluoric, sulfuric, phosphoric acids. Stronger than Fast Brite to fight rust and corrosion. Also works as a great 2 step acid. 55 to 80 to 1.

Lightning – very strong concentrated brightener with hydrofluoric, sulfuric acid blend. It is 70 % stronger for a higher dilution ratios than Fast Brite. Therefore will save money on shipping less water. 70 to 100 to 1.

Hurricane – is our strongest blend of acid. It consists of hydrofluoric, sulfuric, phosphoric acids with a blend of synthetic surfactants that help in making it work well on multiple surface types. It is very concentrated and is 70 % stronger than Typhoon but consists of the same basic chemistry. 70 to 100 to 1.

Aluma Brite – is our best selling acid and is middle of the line on strength and clean ability over all. It’s compounded with a combination of high end synthetic surfactants and the best solvents on the market.

Aluma Bright