Fast Brite – our price entry level acid. It is a Brightener formulated with hydrofluoric and sulfuric acid mixed with surfactants and butyl. 40 to 60 to 1 on surface.

Typhoon – our second strength acid. Brightener formulated with hydrofluoric, sulfuric, phosphoric acids. Stronger than Fast Brite to fight rust and corrosion. Also works as a great 2 step acid. 55 to 80 to 1.

Lightning – very strong concentrated brightener with hydrofluoric, sulfuric acid blend. It is 70 % stronger for a higher dilution ratios than Fast Brite. Therefore will save money on shipping less water. 70 to 100 to 1.

Hurricane – is our strongest blend of acid. It consists of hydrofluoric, sulfuric, phosphoric acids with a blend of synthetic surfactants that help in making it work well on multiple surface types. It is very concentrated and is 70 % stronger than Typhoon but consists of the same basic chemistry. 70 to 100 to 1.

Aluma Brite – is our best selling acid and is middle of the line on strength and clean ability over all. It’s compounded with a combination of high end synthetic surfactants and the best solvents on the market.

Aluma Bright

Speciality Acids

Bio Brite – is our safest acid to handle. We use a blend of ammonium bifluoride and sulfuric acids. It is not as strong as our regular acids so you won’t get quite as much dilution. It works great as a 2 step while keeping the peace of mind in safety.

Bling – is formulated to clean polished aluminum and show quality trucks. High amount of surfactants and solvents that you can count on to not hurt your customers rigs. Works well with Storm powder or Magic soap for a great cleaning combination.

Mud Slide – is formulated to remove concrete dust and concrete from trucks and equipment. In more concentrated doses it can remove small dried on chunks. While diluted out it is a great maintenance to nice trucks.

Concrete Cleaner – is a formulation of muriatic acid with surfactants and solvents. It works great for driveways or for maintenance on trucks and trailers.

Brick Brite – is formulated for cleaning new masonry. 40 to 1 or 80 to 1 depending on the severity of cleaning needs.