Powdered Soaps

Storm – is our best selling powdered soap. It consists of a blend of phosphates, metasilicates, special surfactants and solvents. It is a high PH alkali cleaner designed to be used in conjunction with one of our step 1 aluminum brighteners. Storm will not burn aluminum and is safe for polished aluminum surfaces. Storm works even better with a Drum Kit #2. It also works great behind our Bling polished aluminum brightener.

Thunder – is our 2nd best selling soap. It is a hot caustic base cleaner. It works excellent on really dirty and greasy jobs like dump trucks or heavy equipment. Mix at a 5 to 1 ratio for a great degreaser.

HD Truck Wash – is our strongest caustic base soap. It is formulated to work in conjunction with all of our step 1 aluminum brighteners. It has a combination of phosphates, metasilicates, surfactant solvents and caustic soda. If you are having a hard time keeping your recovery PH up, this is your product.

NW Truck Wash – is our mildest soap. Having no caustic or corrosives, this soap works great for those picky customers that only want soft products used on their equipment. It is also polish safe.

Drum Kit#2 – is formulated with synthetic surfactants and excellent slow drying solvents. Add to any of our powders at 12oz per 20lbs. It will improve your results immensely. When making powder soaps you can only infuse so much liquid as it will make the powders harden into bricks or chunks. This product is worth the extra money.

Storm Powder Soap

Liquid Soaps

Magic – is one of our best selling soap/degreasers. It is a multipurpose cleaner that was designed by one of the world’s biggest cleaning companies. It works great as a 2nd step in a 2 step wash of trucks and trailers because of it’s degreasing capabilities. It is a very mild detergent that is non corrosive making it great for use in environmentally sensitive areas. It can also be used on siding, decking, shampooing carpets, and restaurant hoods. As a 1 step truck wash it works wonderfully on polished aluminum. Magic is our most versatile product.

Cutter HD – is a soap/degreaser that is used in a 3 to 1 ratio on engine blocks and heavy equipment. It can also be used in a 40 to 1 ratio as a great 2nd step soap. Cutter HD is caustic corrosive cleaner that makes it a very aggressive detergent behind any of our acids in the 2 step process.

Tornado – is a special formulation of phosphates, metasilicates, surfactants, and solvents. It makes for a great soap in the 2 step process.

Orange Blast – is a degreaser formulated with D-Limonene. Because of the oils derived from the citrus peels it works great for melting away heavy oils, asphalts and other greasy or oily projects.

Grape Car Wash – is formulated for bucket and scrub or automated car/truck washes. It has a long hang time and is a neutral PH for excellent rinse ability.

Wash and Wax – is formulated for the do it yourself guys that have 1-4 trucks, and don’t want to mess with harsh chemicals. The good ole bucket brush and hose wash. Great for detailers or car lot maintenance.

Bug Juice – works excellent for melting away all the bugs on the windshield, bumper, grill, stack etc. It is formulated to not dry so you can spray on pre wash and not worry that is is going to dry up before you can get back to it.