Powdered Soaps

Storm – is our best selling powdered soap. It consists of a blend of phosphates, metasilicates, special surfactants and solvents. It is a high PH alkali cleaner designed to be used in conjunction with one of our step 1 aluminum brighteners. Storm will not burn aluminum and is safe for polished aluminum surfaces. Storm works even better with a Drum Kit #2. It also works great behind our Bling polished aluminum brightener.

Thunder – is our 2nd best selling soap. It is a hot caustic base cleaner. It works excellent on really dirty and greasy jobs like dump trucks or heavy equipment. Mix at a 5 to 1 ratio for a great degreaser.

HD Truck Wash – is our strongest caustic base soap. It is formulated to work in conjunction with all of our step 1 aluminum brighteners. It has a combination of phosphates, metasilicates, surfactant solvents and caustic soda. If you are having a hard time keeping your recovery PH up, this is your product.

NW Truck Wash – is our mildest soap. Having no caustic or corrosives, this soap works great for those picky customers that only want soft products used on their equipment. It is also polish safe.

Drum Kit#2 – is formulated with synthetic surfactants and excellent slow drying solvents. Add to any of our powders at 12oz per 20lbs. It will improve your results immensely. When making powder soaps you can only infuse so much liquid as it will make the powders harden into bricks or chunks. This product is worth the extra money.

Storm Powder Soap